Our feature on Hudson Valley’s New Wellness Site

Holly J Coley, a writer for Hudson Valley’s official wellness hub, The Mighty Mite, came and took a pole class over the summer! Enjoy this excerpt and then read the full article HERE.

Besides being sexy as hell, pole dancing is a challenge. The turns and flips demand flexibility and endurance. Each move develops kinesthetic awareness, as well as a sense of accomplishment. Like any other form of dance, poling (as the experts call it) is not only a learned skill but an art form and I want in.

That’s why I’m particularly excited when, through the power of Instagram, I come across an account for Hudson Valley Pole Arts (@hv_polearts). Located in the historic Shirt Factory in Kingston, NY classes are held four days a week under the tutelage of Owner and Certified Pole Instructor Nicole Duquette. She’s been poling for more than five years and teaching for three. Michelle Stanek, the internationally known pole performer, served as one of her master trainers. If anyone can help me achieve my dancer dream, she can.

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