What is pole art and is it stripping?

While the 2 aren’t mutually exclusive, you certainly don’t HAVE to dance erotically. At HVPA, we offer a variety of styles to pick and choose from. YOU decide how sexy or lyrical or bootylicious you make each movement. This is YOUR safe space. We will give you the strength to empower YOURSELF, whatever that means to you.

Pole art is empowerment through dance, gymnastics, and fitness.


“I don’t think I’m strong enough.” 

You ARE strong enough. You won’t be dangling upside down the first time you touch a pole, but you will notice giant strides in physical strength within the first 2 classes. You will quickly get stronger, and you’ll hardly notice how much work you’re putting in because its just so. much. FUN.

ALL ages, sizes, and fitness levels are loved and welcome!

All of our instructors are ACE/AFAA certified to teach pole fitness, amongst several other certifications including yoga, pilates, and personal training. 


“Can plus-size dancers pole too?”

We accept all body types! That being said, for your own safety, we recommend ALL ladies consult with their physician before starting new exercise regimens. You can certainly be fit at ANY size, but 75 minutes of pole dancing is challenging for all fitness levels. On average 1 class will burn around 500 calories! We partake in about 15 minutes of conditioning to warm up before moving on to the pole, and we continue moving through the entire class, so just check in with your doc to make sure your body is ready to WERK!


What do I wear to class?

All classes require LEG skin unless otherwise noted. Friction between your skin and the pole is what will help you stick to the pole. Please wear/bring a pair of shorts.


Where can I park?

You are welcome to park in the building’s parking lot. Street parking is also available, but please read the signs carefully.


Since this isn’t a ‘real’ fitness class, can I be late?

Nope. No. Definitely not. Students CANNOT be late.

Safety is of utmost importance to us! Just because our apparatus is vertical, doesn’t mean it’s any less intense than yoga, cycling, gymnastics, or martial arts. Our classes are LEGITIMATE fitness classes, and we begin every session with a full-body warm-up. Because of this, arriving late is a liability to the studio as you are not adequately warm. It is also disruptive and unfair to the rest of the class.

If you are late by 8 minutes or more, you will not be admitted and your reservation will be cancelled.

We take our late policy VERY seriously, so do plan ahead if you’re traveling from another city and/or this is your first time visiting us.


What is your age policy?

Anyone under the age of 18 must have the release form signed by a parent or guardian with us at the studio.


Do I need to pre-register?

While it’s not mandatory, it is suggested, as class space is limited.


Can I register my entire birthday/bachelorette party for a regularly-scheduled class?

We don’t recommend jumping in on regular classes in a large group. We cater to the individuals in our newbies classes, who’ve been coming somewhat frequently, and so they tend to be slightly more challenging and faster-moving than intro classes.

Private parties are catered to the group coming in, and focus on the fun aspect more than the fitness aspect. Please email us for private party and group lesson rates: hvpolearts@gmail.com


Do I get my own pole in class?

That depends on the class. We cap our classes according to the level. Higher level classes are capped at smaller numbers because the movements are more complicated, and require more one-on-one guidance and spotting. Intro & Newbie classes are capped at 12 (or 2 per pole).


Do you offer silks and lyra (aerial hoop)?

We love ALL aerial art forms! But we specialize strictly in pole dance arts/fitness.

We do occasionally offer collaborative aerial workshops with the amazing ladies of Hudson Valley Circus Arts! We encourage all lovers of pole to cross-train on other aerial apparatuses, as there is a bit of cross-over amongst the basic techniques.


Why should I choose Hudson Valley Pole Arts to guide me on my aerial journey?

Simply put: we care about aerial safety and student evolution.

Hudson Valley Pole Arts is the only Hudson Valley studio to utilize industry standard equipment. Our poles are Platinum Stages brand, stainless steel, and uncoated, and each pole can be set to spin mode. Most reputable studios around the globe use and TRUST this brand of pole to keep their aerialists safe.

Some studios believe ‘certification’ is a synonym for in-house training. We are the only local studio to feature teachers certified by nationally-recognized ACE-AFAA pole fitness programs. And we don’t stop there: the teacher’s journey is never done. We make it a priority to learn the hippest transitions and newest tricks, to continue training under the best pole dancers in the world, to better take you through all levels in your aerial journey. We know we’re only as good as our students, and we want YOU to be the best gymnast, dancer, and/or heeled-mynx you can be. Whatever your dance or fitness goals, we can take you there!



Information about our Privacy Policy!

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Other personal information about the client is also confidential and will only be used to make sure the client gets a customised serviced fitted their needs and will not be shared with any third party.

All personal data retained by Hudson Valley Pole Arts in our customer database Mind Body Online is kept confidential. They will not be sold to third parties.  The staff in Hudson Valley Pole Arts keep the client information confidential even after employment is terminated.

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