Class Descriptions

Please Note:

ARRIVE PRIOR TO START TIME. We start class on time. If the door is locked, you are late and have been dropped from the class. All classes require skin unless otherwise noted. Please wear/bring shorts. Please don’t apply lotion or oils the day of the class.

Intro to Pole:

First time students should start here! This class is about strength-building basics: pirouettes, sits, basic spins, and low pole work. You will learn some beginner choreography, while also putting in WORK.  No pre-requisites required, just a desire to get strong and dance your heart out!

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Newbie Pole:

Build the strength and confidence to progress into open level classes! This class is about beginner pole tricks: climbing, sitting, and descending the pole. We will also work towards inverting, and cover methods for generating momentum at the base. No experience necessary.

Mondays at 6:30pm
Thursdays at 6:30pm
Fridays at 1pm
Saturdays at 12:30pm

Level 1 Fluidity:

This class is the best of all the pole worlds: choreography, musicality, and a touch of floorwork.
Learn to smoothly transition in/out of basic and intermediate pole spins through grip switches, pivots, and pirouettes both on the floor and on the pole.
You are welcome to bring heels if you want!
Pre-requisite: 5 newbie classes or ability to pole sit and climb.

TBD. Check Mindbody for current schedule.

Level 1.5:

This class is for novice polers who are proficient in climbing, spinning, and beginner inverting techniques. Explore one-handed spins and dynamic upright transitions up and down the pole.
Pre-requisite: at least 10 Newbie classes or instructor approval.

Mondays at 1:30pm

Level 2:

In this class we focus on more advanced movements that evolve from the basic leg hangs, climbs, and sits. You will learn trickier transitions from higher on the pole, as well as developing handsprings and dead-lift strength. We practice power spins and alternate grips regularly (Chinese pole, split grips, and twisted grips), as well as low pole tumbles and baby pole flips. Must be comfortable in leg hangs and butterfly, as well as basic one-handed spins.
Pre-requisite: minimum of 25 newbie classes or instructor approval.

Saturdays at 11am

Innovative Inversions:

Whether you’re a newbie who is looking for comfort in your crucifix, or an advanced flyer looking for unique inverted transitions, this is the class for you! Basic inverted tricks, complex holds, and handstands using the pole! In this mixed level class, we will explore the art of being upside down on and around the pole.
Pre-requisite: We recommend students have the ability to invert to crucifix.

Wednesdays at 6pm

Exotic Dance:

Sensuality-based pole choreography, with a focus on pivoting on the ball of your foot, and sweeping legwork to gain momentum on the floor and around the pole. Learn fundamental Russian-style exotic legwork and heel play. This style of movement is about faking flexibility and subtly emoting sensuality from every inch of your body.

Heels are optional. Please bring socks to better pirouette!
A fundamental understanding of beginner spins (both forward and backwards) is necessary to flourish in this class. This class is not recommended for brand new students.
Pre-requisite: minimum of 5 newbie classes AND instructor approval.

Mondays at 7:45pm

Werk the Base:

This open level class incorporates both the pole AND the floor. Some pole experience recommended, but absolutely not required. Students new to ‘Werk the Base’ will utilize the floor, without the pole.
Ever wonder how some people seem to GLIDE across the floor- from bridges to shoulder-stands to crawling, and back again? ‘Work the Base’ is a class devoted to the art of sensuality-based FLOOR flowing: knee pivots, shoulder rolls, shoulder stands, thread-throughs, and sweeping movements. Students will be compelled to focus on acceptance of their physical and mental self and explore the variations that they can create, both around and at the base of the pole.

Layers are suggested, as participants will slide and slither. Please wear or bring SOCKS. Kneepads provided.
No pre-requisites required.

Tuesdays at 7:45pm

Open Studio:

Open studio/free play. Studio time is chaperoned by a certified and insured instructor. This is an instruction-free class, but safe spotting is offered.
Appropriate for all levels, but at least 1 newbie class recommended.

Thursdays at 7:45pm

Liquid Low Pole:

Take your Liquid Motion® foundation to the next level! This mixed level class incorporates both the floor AND the pole.
Learn to GLIDE and slither… around the pole! In this class, you will learn to how to incorporate fundamentals from our Liquid Motion® class into your low pole flow to expand and complement your pole dance vocabulary.  Students will be compelled to focus on their own body’s movement and explore the variations that they can create, both around AND at the base of the pole.
 Layers are suggested, as participants will slide and slither. Please wear or bring SOCKS. Kneepads provided.
Pre-requisite: at least 3 regular Liquid Motion® classes or instructor approval.

Some pole experience highly recommended, but not required.


‘Inside Out’:

InsideOut explores feminine sensual movement by reaching deep desires and bringing them to the surface.  InsideOut is a celebration of female beauty, it’s a journey of the soul. Class starts with warm up to delicious songs followed by routine and movement conversation. Appropriate for all levels, but some prior pole experience highly recommended.

Check Mindbody for current schedule.

All our pole classes are open-level format. What does that mean? That means we adjust to the room. Everyone comes from unique backgrounds, has different fitness levels, and will find certain movements inherently easy or difficult, regardless of current pole experience. This makes pole dancing subjective to each participant. If a trick is easy because you’ve been working on it, we will give you an edit to freshen it up. That being said, not all classes are suitable for brand-new students. Please check class pre-requisites prior to registering. Students will not be refunded for accidental enrollment in classes above their skill-level. If you have any questions about if a class is right for you, please email

All our classes are fluidity-based. This means we focus on tying the movements together into mini combinations towards the end of class, always moving with intention, grace, and “pretending you meant to do it,” even if you didn’t.