Our instructors are ACE/AFAA certified to teach pole fitness. Find out more about this certification here.


What initially drew me to pole was not pole fitness itself, but the seedy establishments in which pole dancing existed. These women danced suggestively, ‘inappropriately’ even, yet their skills weren’t without merit; they spent their nights fighting gravity in stilettos, and coming out as graceful victors.

At that time, pole fitness was virtually non-existent, and I was intrigued by the idea that these techniques were passed from dancer-to-dancer purely through practice and imitation. So I did what anyone would do: I bought a pole and youtubed everything related to ‘exotic’ or ‘pole’ dancing. That was a little 5 years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I am Xpert certified to teach pole fitness, and have been teaching pole for 3 years.

Everyone wants to feel sexy and fit, and pole helps us achieve those goals. It’s not only physically demanding to move in a seemingly-effortless, sensual manner, but also mentally rewarding to finally get that trick… and then smooth out the kinks to make it graceful.

I don’t want to *feel* like I’m working out, I want to get lost in the moment. The fitness aspect is simply a bonus. If it was all about muscles and tricks, we’d take up gymnastics.

I’m ecstatic to share my passion, and to push my students to flourish as both athletes AND temptresses.


Beth started her pole journey almost four years ago with the New York Pole Dancing studio. Initially inspired by the flirty and fun moves as well as sheer strength she saw pole dancers performing in clubs and in videos, she finally had the courage to take a class and fell in love with it immediately. She continues to be inspired by her instructors and fellow polers. She has been able to participate in several student showcases, and has worked as a pole cleaner for the US Pole Dancing Federation competitions. 
Beth has just completed her certification to teach level 1 through ElevatED, pole dance fitness and flexibility training. She is incredibly excited to teach pole dancing at Hudson Valley Pole Arts and hopes to be able to inspire others to dance, feel sexy and have fun.


Kellie is Licensed and Certified in Liquid Motion methodology and is an ACE certified group fitness instructor. She started pole and floorwork 4 years ago, enamored by the magic and wholeness she felt as a result of creative, sensual-based movement. She especially loved being able to dance and move with such a supportive, inclusive community. Her goal is to keep that momentum going through teaching exploration of floorwork, while promoting reflection of each student’s inner strengths. Kellie loves performing for the purpose of telling a story, and has danced through various stages of motherhood. She hopes to bring this knowledge to the studio to encourage and uplift fellow dancers in all stages of their movement journey as well.



Emanuela is a designer and a dancer and after almost 20 years spent in New York City, recently relocated, part-time, to the beautiful Hudson Valley.  Emanuela’s first dance experience goes back to those years in Rome where she studied contemporary jazz. Pretty soon her love for movement made its way through her design world and business reveling a passion for forms and contrasts very similar to those expressed in dance. One of Emanuela’s most significant experiences was joining the S Factor pole dance studio in Chelsea where she explored 7 beautiful and enriching years of movement of feminine.

Today, Emanuela continues her journey with her ‘InsideOut’ pole dance conversation, taught seasonally at Hudson Valley Pole.

Pole Portrait Shoot at various locations NYC on July 13, 2015 in NYC. (Photo by Ray Tamarra)


Glenda is a recent graduate of the ACE-accredited elevatED pole certification program founded by pole dance champions Marlo Fisken, Michelle Stanek, and Kyra Johannesen. Read more about this certification here.

Glenda has been pole dancing for 6 years, and is dedicated to finding the rhythm in every song! She was recently hired to work-study at the mecca of pole, Body&Pole, where she continued to study under the best aerialists in the world. Glenda believes pole greatness can be achieved with a solid pole foundation; in her words, “don’t look for the trick. Just flow, and the trick will find YOU.” She loves creating fun, simple, and engaging choreography, with special emphasis on transitions and “in-between” moments.

We are so excited to have her lead our pole babies in Open Studios with fantastic playlists to get YOU of your head and into your flow!


Jenn is a recovering ballerina, a physical therapist, and a champion pole dancer. She touched her first pole five years ago, at a boot camp in Chester, New York, and realized there was something truly special about this apparatus, and ALL types of dance associated with it.

So she sought devoted instruction at Hudson Valley Pole, and entered her first pole competition a year later, placing 3rd out of 12 at USPDF.

Jenn has gone on to win several gold medals, most recently resulting in an invite to PSO Nationals. She is elevatED certified, loves exotic pole dance AND dramatic contemporary, and draws on her physical therapy experience to offer anatomical, thorough pole instruction in her advanced classes at Hudson Valley Pole.


Ishia is a lifetime mover and shaker. After receiving a BFA in Theatre and Dance from SUNY Buffalo she began performing and producing dance all over the country.

Ishia is also a certified, registered yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience teaching around the Hudson Valley offering flexibility, yoga and barre technique class. She is very grateful to have found pole dancing and is currently an Xpert certified pole instructor, going into her 5th year of teaching pole dance. She loves spin pole, cats, and tiny black booty shorts.

Laura began her pole journey in August of 2019 and her Liquid Motion journey not long after that. During the initial COVID-19 lockdown, she found a passion for exploring the many ways to move across the floor while incorporating similar sultry movements she learned in pole class. Laura then built on that passion by becoming certified to teach Liquid Motion 1.0 in February of 2022. When she isn’t dancing, she creates equally creative and, at times, horrifying face and body paint looks or can be found snuggling with her cat Stubbs. Laura is excited to be a part of the Hudson Valley Pole Art tribe and teach at a studio that feels like a second home. Despite her alternative, loud, and often goofy appearance, she can’t wait to help you explore the sensual floor movements that make up Liquid Motion!

Melissa started pole dancing in 2016 at HVP, after she attended her own bachelorette party here and LOVED it. She started competing in Exotics in 2018, and is currently the studio’s Unicorn (ambassador) for Pole Sport Organization. She is XPERT certified in the Essential Science of Heels, and specializes in hair whips, booty shaking, and adding sass to ALL choreography. Join her in Heels 101 to train your technique and amp up your performance.