Our instructors are ACE/AFAA certified to teach pole fitness. Find out more about this certification here.



What initially drew me to pole was not pole fitness itself, but the seedy establishments in which pole dancing existed. These women danced suggestively, ‘inappropriately’ even, yet their skills weren’t without merit; they spent their nights fighting gravity in stilettos, and coming out as graceful victors.

At that time, pole fitness was virtually non-existent, and I was intrigued by the idea that these techniques were passed from dancer-to-dancer purely through practice and imitation. So I did what anyone would do: I bought a pole and youtubed everything related to ‘exotic’ or ‘pole’ dancing. That was a little 5 years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I am Xpert certified to teach pole fitness, and have been teaching pole for 3 years.

Everyone wants to feel sexy and fit, and pole helps us achieve those goals. It’s not only physically demanding to move in a seemingly-effortless, sensual manner, but also mentally rewarding to finally get that trick… and then smooth out the kinks to make it graceful.

I don’t want to *feel* like I’m working out, I want to get lost in the moment. The fitness aspect is simply a bonus. If it was all about muscles and tricks, we’d take up gymnastics.

I’m ecstatic to share my passion, and to push my students to flourish as both athletes AND temptresses.



Patricia Yndigoyen is an X-pert certified instructor and a seasoned pole competitor. She has been poling for 5 years and trained extensively at Body & Pole (considered by many to be the mecca of pole dance instruction). She loves spin pole as it enables her to hold graceful, flexible positions and maintain a steady flow. When she’s not spinning for her life, you can find her relaxing at her Woodstock home with her two furbabies.

Pole Portrait Shoot at various locations NYC on July 13, 2015 in NYC. (Photo by Ray Tamarra)


Glenda is a recent graduate of the ACE-accredited elevatED pole certification program founded by pole dance champions Marlo Fisken, Michelle Stanek, and Kyra Johannesen. Read more about this certification here.

Glenda has been pole dancing for 3 years, and is dedicated to finding the rhythm in every song! She was recently hired to work-study at the mecca of pole, Body&Pole, where she will continue studying under the best aerialists in the world. Glenda believes pole greatness can be achieved with a solid pole foundation; in her words, “don’t look for the trick. Just flow, and the trick will find YOU.” She loves creating fun, simple, and engaging choreography, with special emphasis on transitions and “in-between” moments.

We are so excited to have her lead our pole babies in Intro to Pole!



Nava Silverstein has been studying aerial arts, dance, and theater for the past 4 years.  She first started with aerial silks at Hudson Valley Circus Arts with Alisha Mai McNamara, then trained aerial silks and lyra (aerial hoop) at various studios in NYC for several years.  When she decided to live full time in the Hudson Valley, she found Hudson Valley Pole where she took her first pole class with Nicole Duquette.  She loved the combination of ground and aerial dance.  A few months later she discovered Liquid Motion at Body & Pole in NYC. This fluid, sensual style of dance resonated strongly with her, and so soon after she got certified to teach by the founder, Jeni Janover.  Liquid Motion and pole dancing has given Nava a safe space to explore and embrace her sexuality and sensuality.  She looks forward to providing this space for many others and passing along her tricks and knowledge in exotic dancing.



Growing up in Ann Arbor, MI, I was always outside running, climbing trees, dancing in the rain, and constantly moving for the sheer joy of it. Perhaps trying to direct my explosive energy, my mom put me in ballet classes when I was 5 and I have never stopped dancing. I have moved on through jazz, tap, modern, improv, trapeze, aerial rope and harness, lyra, acro-balancing and pole.

Through it all I have found that my ability to communicate and express myself is rooted totally in the physical understanding and utilization of my own body. I’m ElevatED-certified, and I’ve trained in Skinner Releasing and Alexander Technique, both of which have immersed themselves into my experience with pilates. I fully incorporate proper alignment, the use of energy lines, true self-respect, and a greater awareness of our physical bodies in my classes.

I truly believe that deepening the connection to the power of our unique bodies allows us to come to a greater understanding of ourselves that we can then share with the world!



Formally known as Brown Cocaine, Tutu is our resident Burlesque instructor. Meet the “Royal Rebel” with a cause, Tutu Toussaint. From the shores of West Afrika via New York City, she is a warrior of seduction, and royal descendant of King Tutu himself.
Tutu was inducted into the burlesque tradition through the auspices of Brown Girls Burlesque in 2013, and is quickly making a mark in the Burly-Q community.   She is a resident and founding member of Perle Noire’s “House of Noire” and is recognized for her southern jazz, sass and explosive style.   She recently received stellar reviews from burlesque legends Gabriella Maze and Suzette Fontaine for her musicality, stage presence and explosive movement. Tutu has performed and featured in numerous shows throughout NYC, the east coast and below the Mason-Dixon. Shows such as: Brown Girls Burlesque at Brooklyn Museum and The Dirty Honey Shake, Nurse Bettie, The Muse Circus Cabaret, Sets in the City, Shades of Burlesque, Bedford Hall Burlesque, The Roux(New Orleans), The Great Southern Exposure(NC), Gi Squared Productions(DC), WEBurlesque, Show Me Burlesque Festival(St. Louis), Burlesque at the Beach, Bagel Burlesque Expo(Montreal), Timeless Tease Productions, Temple of Virgins, Switch N Play, The Sweet Spot, LeScandal Cabaret, Windy City Burlesque Festival, New Jersey Burlesque Festival Queen Competition, New York Burlesque Festival and was recently awarded NY Variety Show 2nd runner up just to name a few.
She is the creator/producer of Brown Cocaine Burlesque, a burlesque instruction company and southern burlesque revue.
Last February she made her first trip EVER overseas and with 11 other beauties to perform in a show called “Brooklyn Follies” in MACAU, China by way of the notable Brown Girls Burlesque. She has also been honored over the last year to choreograph for BGB and happily accepted the invitation to co-choreographer for the show in China.
She believes through burlesque you can find your true beauty by accepting your past and celebrating your present self with the world. Flaws and all.