Our interview on “Got a Girl Crush”

After enduring a bit of a ‘mean girls’ attack on social media this weekend, it was especially glorious to be featured in a blog by ladies, for ladies, called “Got a Girl Crush”. It’s empowering, inspirational, and simply a brilliant idea! As a society, we need to stop perpetuating the girl-on-girl hate. Just don’t indulge in it, be cordial, support the ladies you love, and maybe don’t address the ones you don’t… just remember that we will actually get farther by working TOGETHER instead of tearing each other down.

Here is an excerpt- on what pole ART is, why we LOVE what we do, and the importance of community:

Art is the flow between moves: the convergence of sex appeal, gymnastics, and the dancer’s own interpretation or style. I believe that’s part of what makes it empowering: the right to choose your own direction. If you want to roll around on the floor or use the pole to gyrate and booty-pop, that’s your prerogative. You can choose to revel in your sexuality in this safe space. If you want to utilize the pole to do crunches a million different ways, do it. If you only care about hanging upside-down and backflipping to the floor, let pole be your apparatus for acrobatics. Pole art can be all or one of these things, but no matter which you choose, you will see your body change, you will do things you never thought you could, and you’ll gain confidence.

Pole is the total package and I really believe that, which is why I love what I do so much. It’s rewarding to see these physical and mental transformations in women.

And as you fall in love with yourself and your own movement, you will also fall in love with your community.

Pole dancing attracts open-minded ladies willing to get in touch with their inner badass, so no matter the difference in background, dance style, or body type, you will have a scantily-clad sisterhood supporting you!


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