Pole Parties!

Bachelorette party? Birthday shenanigans? Divorce celebration? Prefer to get down with a large group of your closest friends?

We got you! Let us host! We’d love to make your special night memorable!

We like to take it nice and slow, with some sexy floorwork to warm up, before we slither to the pole for a few basic tricks. The rest of the time is allotted for special honoring of the GUEST, birthday girl, or bachelorette. Feel free to bring your own mix of music!
You can bring food and refreshments of your choosing. NOTE: NO ALCOHOL CAN BE SERVED WHILE POLE DANCING. You are welcome to enjoy these refreshments after poling.*

All of our instructors are certified, and our poles are industry-standard. Book your party with the best instructors in the Hudson Valley:  you are safe in our strong arms!

Party hours are available for 60 or 90 minute reservations on Friday and Saturday nights. Pricing is based on group size. Please contact us directly for exact rates and available dates, and we will walk you through the deposit process via MindBody. Email hvpolearts@gmail.com or call Glenda at 845 797 9354



*Drunk and disorderly parties will be refused service and their deposit will NOT be refunded.