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Proprietress Note: Your Journey, Our Mission- A Reflection

I love pole-dancing! I mean, duh! I’ve been studying it for over 12 years, got certified (through X-pert) to teach it in 2012, and opened a pole dance studio in 2014. I DREAM in pole dance. Not yoga, dance, or hammock; POLE. I hate cardio, but I will run to the pole studio if my car

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Contortion Workshop at Hudson Valley Circus Arts

September 28th, 2016 Contortion: 6-7:30pm Join Caty Mae, winner of the 2013 Miss Texas Pole Star Lyra Division, 1st runner up in the US Aerial Championships Lyra Division, America’s Got Talent competitor and master teacher for an evening of flexilibility and strength training. This deep stretch technique class implements Russian and Mongolian contortion methods, bringing

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