Examples and Resources

Pole Art

Below are just a few examples of Pole Art from world-famous pole dancing champions (including our very own resident instructor Patricia Yndigoyen). These athletes train hard and perform from their hearts. There is no mistaking that pole dancing and pole fitness have evolved into ART that is both beautiful to watch, and physically challenging.



Exotic Pole

Exotic pole is sexy, sultry, and much more difficult than it seems! The intricate legwork (done in heels) requires coordination and flexibility, and the low static flows require strength and stamina. Exotic pole is so much more than just sex appeal.


Pole Fitness/Sport

Pole sport competitions are primarily fitness-based, with an emphasis on tricks, pole flips, strength, and stamina. There are very little lyrical, contemporary, or exotic elements in these types of showcases.


Resources for Polers

Interactive forums for feedback and tutorials:

Studio Veena
Pole and Aerial


Portable and easy-install poles:

Platinum Stages
Lil Mynx



Bad Kitty
Mika Wear


Grip Aides
Wrist Support