We are OPEN! But that doesn’t mean Covid-19 is gone. It means we have to stay vigilant in our efforts to protect ourselves and our loved ones!

To ensure the safety of our students and staff during this continuing pandemic, we are limiting in-studio class sizes. This means a more intimate setting, and more pole time for YOU.

However, this also means we have to increase our pricing to reflect that special attention we will be paying smaller groups. We also no longer have the luxury of allowing unpaid sign-ups, and will limit walk-ins. All students must pay upon registering.

We are working to offer a virtual option for those of you wanting to work from home. For in-person classes, face masks MUST be worn.

We will be cleaning between classes and, as always, encourage students to wipe their pole down with alcohol before and during use. The floor has been marked to offer spacing guidelines to dancers, to better ensure personal bubbles stay personal.

Instructor hands-on corrections will be limited, and spotting will be conducted as needed. We will always check in with our students prior to making physical contact.

We can’t wait to dance with you in real life, 6 feet apart!

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