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Our feature on Hudson Valley’s New Wellness Site

Holly J Coley, a writer for Hudson Valley’s official wellness hub, The Mighty Mite, came and took a pole class over the summer! Enjoy this excerpt and then read the full article HERE. Besides being sexy as hell, pole dancing is a challenge. The turns and flips demand flexibility and endurance. Each move develops kinesthetic

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Burlesque Workshop: TEASER REEL

Join us for our first BURLESQUE workshop. Taught by the fabulous BrownCocaine Love! Embrace the art of the tease: Saturday, July 25th 2-3:30pm. BrownCocaine Love has performed at various venues in and around NYC, and with several prominent burlesque troupes, including Brown Girls Burlesque; she is a trained dancer since the age of 3. You

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Our interview on “Got a Girl Crush”

After enduring a bit of a ‘mean girls’ attack on social media this weekend, it was especially glorious to be featured in a blog by ladies, for ladies, called “Got a Girl Crush”. It’s empowering, inspirational, and simply a brilliant idea! As a society, we need to stop perpetuating the girl-on-girl hate. Just don’t indulge in it,

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How POLE life relates to REAL life

How pole dancing is like life. By Rebecca Louise Miller The biggest breakthroughs generally come with significant bruising. You can make a ton of money, but you might have to do some things you’re uncomfortable with. Sometimes it’s necessary to throw your weight around. Momentum is more important than strength. The softest parts of you

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Donations-Based Classes!

Our community rocks. So we’re giving back. We’ve added a donations-based, open-level class the first Saturday of every month! Proceeds from this hour-long class go to the Washbourne House, a Kingston shelter for victims of domestic violence. Come get your halo dirty! The next donations-based class is March 7th! Please follow and like us:

Open House! SAVE THE DATE: January 10th!

Questions about pole dancing, pole art, or pole fitness? Curious about the space? And the dancers and instructors that make it? Well here’s your chance to CHECK IT OUT!   Join us for our Open House: JANUARY 10th, 3 – 8pm   The studio will be open to new, current, and potential students and their family and

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Check Us Out in Kingston Happenings!

We were lucky enough to talk POLE in Kingston Happenings: “In a lot of peoples’ minds, pole dancing is still considered scandalous or even lewd because of its origin, and luckily that mindset is changing, but now there’s a tendency to disassociate it completely under the guise of ‘pole fitness’ and completely gloss-over its origins. I

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Grand Opening!

October 17, 2014 Hudson Valley Pole Arts is proud to announce the grand opening of its first dance studio. With our opening, we carry out our mission of spreading our love of the sport and art of pole dancing to the Hudson Valley. Located in Kingston, NY, we hope to attract students on both sides

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Soft Launch, Hard Arms

We’re open for business! Yesterday we experimented with shapes from basic static moves. Check out Christine KILLING it from a standing-split against the pole:   Loading View on Instagram   We also worked on shoulder-rolls and cheststands, and sexy “fish flops”…. yaaaay floorwork!   Loading View on Instagram Please follow and like us: